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No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Learn how to make these super simple and delicious white chocolate coated peanut butter balls, shaped like pumpkins! These are perfect to make with children or for a Halloween party this spooky season.

You will need:

x1 180g tub of our natural peanut butter

220g of white chocolate

30g of milk or dark chocolate

55g salted butter

180g powdered icing sugar

16 cocktail sticks or skewers

Makes: 16 peanut butter pumpkins


  1. Combine your peanut butter with room temperature butter, then gradually mix in the icing sugar to form a crumbly dough

  2. 2. Roll your dough into 16 small balls, using a skewer or butter knife to add grooves to your balls to resemble little pumpkins (make sure the grooves are deep enough so that they are still visible once coated in chocolate)

  3. Melt 20g of your white chocolate in the microwave, dip the end of your skewers into the melted chocolate then into the top centre of the pumpkins and place in the fridge on a lined tray for at-least 30 minutes until the pumpkins have become firm and the chocolate has set

  4. Melt the rest of your white chocolate in the microwave at half power in 20 second intervals, stirring each time until your chocolate is fully melted, if wanted, you can add orange food colouring to your chocolate. Chop up your milk chocolate into sticks for later

  5. Remove your pumpkins from the fridge and dip each one in melted chocolate until they are fully coated, you may need a spoon to help you, allow the excess to drip off then place back your pumpkins back on your lined tray

  6. carefully remove the skewers from your pumpkins. Dip a piece of your chopped milk chocolate in the melted white chocolate and place it at the top of your pumpkin where the skewer was, these are your pumpkin stems

  7. Place your pumpkins back in the fridge for at-least 20 minutes to allow the chocolate to set.

All done! We hope you give this recipe a go, if you do, please tag us in your photos on social media @thenutroasteruk on Instagram or @thenutroaster on Facebook. Happy Halloween!

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