Awesome almonds: five fun facts

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

We're singing the praises of almonds today! These little - um - almond-shaped seeds (that's right, they're not a true nut but the seed of the fruit of the almond tree) have a sweet milky flavour which, when roasted, Niki Segnit reckons is like 'toffee-popcorn' - and who are we to disagree?

Little wonder that we couldn't wait to roast up some batches of our own and our 100% pure almond butter was the second product we developed.

We make our almond butter, like all our nut butters, by first dry roasting the nuts for maximum flavour. They turn a deep brown colour and develop a much more powerful taste than the raw almonds - one which goes with a whole array of sweet and savoury ingredients. Apple slices with almond butter is a particular favourite for a healthy snack, but we also love whipping up an almond butter stir fry with plenty of chilli - there are lots of recipes online!

And almonds get even more awesome than that. Did you know...

- Almonds were a fertility symbol for the Romans, who used to shower newlyweds with them. Sugared almonds are still a popular wedding treat or favour all over the world.

- Almonds are mentioned numerous times in the Bible - God even instructed Moses to include them on the menorah.

- Almonds are a rich source of plenty of nutrients, including vitamin E, which maintains healthy skin and eyes, and strengthens the body's defences against illness.

- You might be able to grow an almond tree in your garden - and in some varieties the flesh is soft and can be eaten like a peach or a nectarine.

- Almonds are the source of a whole heap of exciting culinary ingredients - almond milk, almond flour, almond syrup....and you can probably guess

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